Cornerstone  Community Church of Brookfield

2017 Adult Classes

Ladies Bible Study: Wednesday, 7:00p

ISAIAH Conference Room

Isaiah means, “The Lord is salvation”. Isaiah pronounced the Lord’s judgment on sin, but through the Prince of Peace and Suffering Servant he brought comfort.

Contact: Marna W Conference Room

Ladies Bible Study: Resumes Sept. 5, 9:00a


Moving toward maturity in Christ. God provides direction and comfort when we travel dark roads, and shows us what it takes to be mature in Christ.

Contact: Marna W Blue Room

Crafters for Christ: Call the office for details.


Craft projects will be made to encourage and uplift those in difficult circumstance or support other ministries. If you crochet, knit, sew, scrapbook, make cards or jewelry please join us.

Men’s Bible Study: Wednesday, 7:00p

PROVERBS One of the Old Testament books of wisdom that contains a wealth of practical guidance for everyday living. Join the discussion of topics that will include goodness, folly, sin, wealth and poverty, the tongue, pride and humility, and life and death.

Contact: Jon D. Blue Room

Prime Timers: 1st Thursday, 11:00a (Oct. thru May)


Abraham chose to believe God’s promise, embarking on a transforming, lifelong journey of faith and obedience. This study has principles that apply to our daily lives.

Taught by: Pastor Gary Blue Room

Sunday Adult Class: 9:00a HEBREWS

“Better” is the theme of the book of Hebrews. Salvation through Jesus Christ is better than the old Jewish rituals that can never save. Faith in Jesus gives stability that will carry believers through the rough journey of life.

Teachers: Elders Tom & Phil Blue Room

Sermon Series: Sunday, 10:30a

ISAIAH 40-66 - Redemption: God’s Glorious Plan

This preaching series follows the redemption promised that is comforting to God’s people, the redemption provided by the suffering servant and the redemption procured by the returning Savior. To be redeemed is to be set free from slavery to sin. The Lord had to do it for us since we could not free ourselves. The character of God is prevalent especially His mercy, compassion and loyal love. A major topic is the end times and prophecy.

Adult Evening Class: Sunday, 6:00p Last Class May 21 New class begins in the fall.

JAMES – Faith Workout

James is a very practical book, filled with illustrations and applications. Written to encourage believers to develop proven character through testing, it is the earliest New Testament book written by the half-brother of Jesus. It covers topics like trials, temptation, prejudice, taming the tongue and injustice. James is a faith workout training Christians how to mature in their faith in day-to-day living.

Taught by Pastor Gary Blue Room