Cornerstone  Community Church of Brookfield

2017 Sermon Series & Class

Sunday Adult Class:  9:00a

Hebrews Chapter 11 -  PORTRAITS OF FAITH

Many faith “heroes” are listed in chapter 11. In our study we will discover that each one has personal strengths and limitations in the midst of harsh circumstances. Faith in Jesus gives stability that will carry believers through the rough journey of life.

Teachers: Elders Tom C. & Phil K.      Blue Room

Sermon Series: Sunday, 10:30a

Begins September 24

The Gospel of Mark  -  Jesus: Man of Action

Of all four gospels Mark is the most concise yet the most action packed. Among the Synoptic Gospels, Mark is less than 2/3 the size of Matthew and Luke and yet reports on nearly as many miracles. Mark contains less than 1/3 of the parables found in Matthew and Luke. Thus the emphasis is on actions rather than teaching. The fast action pace is emphasized by the word immediately used 42 times, 9 times in chapter one alone and more than the other three gospels combined. Mark was written to the Romans presenting Jesus as the obedient servant. It gives Peter's perspective of the life of Christ.

Taught by Pastor Gary

Adult Evening Class: Sunday, 6:00p

Begins September 24  


Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare

There is much confusion and misunderstanding about the spirit world. On the one hand mystical mumbo jumbo masquerades as reality to be feared. On the other hand there is ignorance of the truth that such a world even exists. Both perspectives are wrong. This class will correct the record with a biblical understanding of angels, demons and the spiritual battle that is an ongoing reality. Practical warfare prayers will establish that He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.

Taught by Pastor Gary                               Blue Room

Men's Bible Study: Wednesday, 7:00p

PROVERBS One of the Old Testament books of wisdom that contains a wealth of practical guidance for everyday living. Join the discussion of topics that will include goodness, folly, sin, wealth and poverty, the tongue, pride and humility, and life and death.

Contact: Jon D.          Blue Room

Mugs & Hugs Ladies Group: 1st & 3rd Saturdays, 8:00 - 10:00a         


Surrender, by Nancy Leigh-DeMoss     

Contact: Marna W.              Confrence Room

Prime Timers:

1st Thursday, 11:00a (Oct. thru May)


Abraham chose to believe God's promise, embarking on a transforming, lifelong journey of faith and obedience. This study has principles that apply to our daily lives.

Taught by: Pastor Gary     Blue Room